Mid-Life Crisis

This year’s “special guest” is Mid-Life Crisis, owned by Gary and Laurie Schley of Nanaimo. They are letting kids and adults sit in it to have pictures taken.

Thunder in the Valley


  • 1963 ACADIAN
  • Full tube chassis car certified to run 7.50 sec. in the quarter mile.
  • Car currently runs 8.30 sec. @ 167 mph
  • 582 cu. in. Dart motor alcohol injected1050 hp. and runs Kendall Nitro 70 oil. Built by S W B Engines in Qualicum. The motor was built to run a 200 hp. shot of nitrous but has never be opened up, as yet.
  • Body and paint were done by Cowichan Collision in Duncan and is a Tangerine Candy three stage paint.
  • Transmission is a Lenco 2spd. With Brunos convertor which is air shifted @ 6800 rpm. Convertor stall speed is 5600 rpm.
  • Rear end is a Ford 9in. with 35 spline axels. Rear tires are 17in. X 33in. tall.
  • Car weights 2400 lbs. fully race ready.


All parts and accessories ordered through Baker’s Auto Supply in Nanaimo
The body was found in a backyard in Shawnigan all chopped up ready for new quarter panels. Then we cut the entire floor, trunk, firewall and rear package tray out. We welded the new quarter panels in place. Rob “the Tin Man ” Ried did all in aluminum to lighten everything up. A the bumpers, fenders, hood, doors, trunk etc. were senty away, to make a mould of fiberglass, to further lighten things up. The front end is a one piece from door to door.

Working on Mid-Life Crisis

The chassis was an Art Morrison Chassis that we found unused but rusty from sitting. It took three weeks to sand it all down to bare metal. Then a primer coat and finally three coats of paint.

The entire build took four years from start to finish!

Thank you, Gary and Laurie!